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You are a sensitive, soulful Scorpio who processes in both shadow and light. By the end of the month, find comfort in your ability to disconnect. After all, you need to get your beauty sleep: Your birthday season is right around the corner! Type keyword s to search. Today's Top Stories.

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Advertisement - Continue Reading Below. More From Astrology. Peep Your Horoscope for This Week. Your Sex Horoscope for the Weekend. Your Pisces Monthly Horoscope. Your Sagittarius Monthly Horoscope. Your Capricorn Monthly Horoscope. There are multiple key elements in this evolution. First, it is a journey - not a destination and spans over the entire life of Scorpio, as their own unique way to self-perfection, drawing from their top capabilities as a House, especially awareness and spirituality. Second, love is the key factor in determining how successful one will be evolving in this irresistible Neptunian way - as Neptune is the planet-ruler of Scorpio.

Finally, an important factor is that this journey requires the Scorpio to achieve the most optimal consumption of their energy, one that would allow them to find success in both the arenas of love and the battlefields of work. This is the most important element of the spiritual journey of the Scorpio self-development, as it contains in itself the result - happiness and balance resulting from all-around success. To optimize the consumption of energy, to avoid spending it on unnecessary trifles, and to chase only the important targets for the time being, the Scorpio needs to make use of the guide they have on hand - the horoscope.

The way to achieve the safest energetic vibration is to know where the energy should be going - where it is meant to go to follow suit with the overarching titanic forces exerted by the planets onto our lives. The horoscope may not tell the Scorpio the exact plan of action, that is far too individual, but it can predict the changes in the mood of those surrounding the House's representative and offer advice on how to use the reader's valuable resources to resolve problems and make the most out of the gains.

Not only is the horoscope a foresight of certain possibilities and probabilities, it is a warning signal of both the bad and good to possibly come - allowing the Scorpio to be prepared.

Scorpio Horoscope for September 12222

This outlook into the future evolves the activities of Scorpio beyond mundane circumstances and the resulting success elevates the Scorpio from the traditional human experience, as the perfect harmony with the energetic vibrations that are meant to be, may cause a Scorpio to venture deep into a profound internal realm of infinite mystical experience and potential. Simply put, a little advice can go a long way. Sometimes that advice may be generic, while the result is individual, sometimes it might be mistaken - as it only talks about probabilities.

However, the horoscopes are the best chances for the Scorpio to control their lives entirely and then to truly find out what they are capable of, as lovers, as workers, as family members, as individuals. Scorpio Monthly Horoscope. Horoscopes for Scorpio. Comments: Scorpio Monthly Horoscope. Bea I am a Scorpio myself, I left a marriage. For 3 years to reflect, breathe and gain peace Couldn't seem to satisfy the many needs of my significant other Out in this space confessions came about addictions from as far as 2 decades ago What an eyeopener about human behaviors I've returned to continue to share space with them again Efforts in reducing dependency initially had changed, and it still interferes from time to time.

To get through it, I' ve have a personal space to cohabitat that works Yes, the nature of us is strong and this keeps us above others When we are committed to be ourselves and true to ourselves, we can rise above the worse of others.. Boye I am Scorpio born on 23 October , I was in a relationship with a Lady born on 7th May Taurus I love her so much that I can't go for any other girl, we dated for 8yrs though we stated as a teenagers and we planed to get married and her parents supported too.

Scorpio : Monthly Horoscope

But now she left me for another Man Aries saying they prayed and they told them I will leave her after two kids of which we prayed before and they told us that we are both compatible and we can get married. I was surprised when she later told me that is over between us. I cried and find it difficult to cope with another girl. I'm thinking that she lied to me and left me because of money.

Are we not truly compatible? Will She come back because I truly Love her? Will I be loved again? I lost my confidence, Trust, and I am Feeling been cheated by her and her parents. I am confused, pls help me ooooo. Instead, i love reading horoscopes about the previous month.

That's why I love this site. I've tried to remain positive I feel as tho this cloud that surrounds me will never lift. I s there anything in my horoscope or a positive Real mantra that can assist me during this horrific time that can uplift my spirit's? Ani Don't be down. Things will look up. My son is 21 Nov at pm. The things this horoscope talked about is so close to my current life situation.

And it gives me great advises for me to keep moving forward. So helpful. Stay positive, and be happy. If things still goes wrong, push yourself and try harder, and never lose hope. It will be all worth it at the end. New doors will be opened, and positive outcomes will be waiting for us. I believe it! Paula This year is very bad. Although the horoscope says scorpion career in shall be at peak, I am unemployed and struggling to find a job.

Guess we don't have much choice but to keep the faith. Cross fingers lady luck comes our way and to all others that are having a roung time. S Agree Jivia, lots of challange, nature may be giving us because we like to take bullets on chest, sometime becoming unbearable. Gwen i read horoscope each day. All report I am due for a great happening still waiting. Had the worst year marriage of 32 years to the most inconsiderate individual, selfish and treated me awful. Thank God good riddance. Had a difficult time getting back on my feet financially still waiting for that windfall or great financial change that is coming.

Will continue to work and preserve as Scorpio are workers, " never give up " mentality I will be successful in the end. Good luck to us.. Ndah Ayim My advice to you is that you shouldn't follow the horoscope.

You have some inner powers in you that you can use to create your own future. All you need is believe. Relationship won't really ever go "steady" In I decided to go to school, which was amazing until I met someone who wasn't the greatest for me and ended up being in a very bad situation which led to kind of hiding my last 2 months while trying to attend school-Wasn't the greatest.

I am one who is true to friends and family, I give second chances, some are given third chances but can not stand for broken records It annoys the living crap out of me. Any who on August I had a break down as I heard one of the guys who held me for ransom has just recently been in the hospital almost died attempted murder and ended up surviving and how is in jail I did not take that well I didn't tell anyone till a couple days ago I tried to hang with friends which didn't work and ended up having a break down which lead to taking a break from everyone and everything.

Betty I've been married 4 times I'm very strong woman I don't I like lies neither cheating Things happen for a reason, something good will come positive, and Live live fullest every day Live is only one Deepa I am a scorpion and spent 10 yrs of marriage life with sagitarius hubby of big time Love.. I divorced and moved on with my 3 yrs old daughter in I am now a successful international lawyer with a magnificient daughter of 8 yrs who is brilliant and beautiful..

I forgive him only for having given me such a daughter.. Av now been in a 5 yrs relationship with another sagitarius..

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  • I got married at 19 yrs old and faced divorce at 23 and 32 yrs old, but still feel I am happy in life.. Do not make somebody else your reason to live, you are the reason to live. If there broken you can't fix them they have to do it themselves. You must learn to love yourself and care for yourself as a person before you can love another.


    Debby Hi I'm a scorpion too. A similar thing happened to me as well. My Libran husband of 16 years had cheated many times in the past but last year he was overseas to be with his father who was sick and within 3 months of stay with his family he found someone for whom he left my daughter and I. He really messed up his life as I heard she was already married and dumped him after taking as such much as she could from him.

    Monthly Overview for Scorpio -

    He is now jobless and in debts which he will have difficulty to payback. I have now moved on with my life by focusing on myself and my daughter. I got a promotion at my work, purchased a property and my daughter's grades improved so much. I am so much happier and doing things for myself. Yes Deepa you are right we do well if do not depend on a man to bring the best out from us.

    I wish you all the best and stay happy and blessed. Sana I'm a hindu and I'm in love wth a Muslim. This morng his mother rang me and scolded. She said she'll complaint this to my parents.

    My parents are so orthodox type and sensitive too. If they come to knw this, they will break down. I don't knw what to do. Spidergirl What ended up happening, Sana? Based on our religion, it is forbidden to have any love relationship before maried and marry ones who has different religion.

    Dills I was married to a scorpio woman for 20 years. I am a scorpio too. After 3 yrs I new I made a big mistake with to kids late girl and boy. This devastated me, in all those years I stayed very loyal and grew my kids up with all the love I could give. Today I am divorced on my bday 04 November My kids chose me to live with and they are my life and back bone, so to all you scorpions out there use your sixth sense we have the strongest intuition, listen to it, and you will prevent a lot of heart ace, now I find it difficult to entre another relationship Laters.

    Anonymous [quote]Message from Dills I was married to a scorpio woman for 20 years. My birthday is November fourth as well! Kate Lost my job after 15 yrs of service

    scorpio monthly astrology Scorpio monthly astrology
    scorpio monthly astrology Scorpio monthly astrology
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