13 february horoscopes

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While Saturn speaks of higher realms and our ultimate belief in God, this isn't the real center point of a person born on February 24th. This is the lifetime that needs to teach them to connect with the Earth and find grounding, and if they start following a healthy routine, they will find themselves feeling much better about any residual anger they shoved under a rug.

Your daily horoscope: February 13 - The Globe and Mail

Everyone born on this date needs to embrace conflict as a positive tool for protection, and their boundaries need to be just as permeable as needed in order for their heart to shine, no more, no less. Emotional world of those born on the 24th of February is often something hidden and heavily guarded. There is an intense energy to this date that makes them highly sensitive for the outer world, and they will find their barriers to protect them much better than any kind of selective reactivity. Relationships they form will last longer than those in lives of other Pisces representatives, for once they open their world for a person standing in front of them, they are already quite certain that this is the right thing to do.

They need intimacy with another human being, and won't be satisfied with transitional relationships and encounters that don't nurture their sense of security and peace.

However, they carry an inner opposition that needs to be resolved through relationships, and they will mostly be serious, some of them hurt or too shy, and dependent on what they feel they deserve. This is a person who must work on their heart chakra and constantly peel off layers of protection from their emotional core, to stay open for the outer world and form loving bonds that last them a lifetime.

The best profession for an individual born on February 24th falls under the realm of therapy.


No matter if they stick to medicine, or if they choose psychology, alternative healing, or acupuncture, working with people who have deep problems brings out their best side. Coldness of Saturn could make a them a bit stiff and they feel best working alone, for this gives them clarity on their set of responsibilities, and gives them a sense of actual security.

Astrogirl – Capricorn – 13 February 2017, Weekly Horoscopes

They excel at problem solving on a deep, emotional level, and will do so with their clients, friends, and family just the same, so they might as well give their efforts willingly to the world. To heal their heart's bruises and possible feelings of abandonment and unease in their emotional world, those born on February 24th may choose elestial quartz. It is a stone that helps personal growth, making painful changes less painful and giving a sense of support by "entities" on higher planes of existence.

On a physical level, this is a crystal that aids problems with bones and psyche. In addition; if you try and talk your way out of any ongoing commitments to free up more time, it may be interpreted by others as a self-serving tactic! It may well be a lot harder to connect with those around you.

A propensity to rise to the challenge could see a few welcome results develop sooner rather than later.


Leo Horoscope

It should become clear in good time! However; a tendency to assume that you have the full measure of any new developments could see you missing something elsewhere! However; it may be best to keep your thoughts to yourself for the moment! You have the capacity to be quite influential, but that power will wane by tomorrow at the latest: possibly sooner, particularly if you make a couple of basic errors.

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It may be a day to present a slightly more modest approach! Thanks to unexpected help, a developing sense of pressure could ease. However, this assistance may have a slightly pushy quality to it. How you respond may not make much difference! Early May sees you needing to make another important decision, but this time based on your present or future career! To opt out of free promo messages call Helpline: SP: Inveroak.

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Venus, the planet of love, is in your sign and your new ability to be yourself, instead of trying too hard to be what a partner wants, means you both fall more deeply in love with each other. Mars in your property zone deepens your determination to find the right place to live where all your family will be happy. Mercury helps you to be smarter about finances and not to spend too much even on that someone special.

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13 february horoscopes 13 february horoscopes
13 february horoscopes 13 february horoscopes
13 february horoscopes 13 february horoscopes
13 february horoscopes 13 february horoscopes
13 february horoscopes 13 february horoscopes
13 february horoscopes 13 february horoscopes
13 february horoscopes 13 february horoscopes

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