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Mercury is slowing down before turning retrograde on June I also saw Mercury through a telescope for the first time: you could see a slight crescent shape as he is in the gibbous phase, i. As I spent time with him in the sky, that meaning came more viscerally alive. Now, Mercury is in the sky at dusk, the twilight, the transitional time between day and night. His visibility is relatively brief; he quickly disappears as he sets behind the Sun. He moves quickly only 88 days to go around the Sun but never goes too far from the Sun. Even with perfect weather and horizon conditions, we can only see Mercury at a maximum of two months out of a year.

If you can find a good view of the horizon and a clear evening, do go out and commune with Mercury yourself. He is slowing down, getting to the edge of his distance from the source of life, soon to turn and move back to the light of the Sun. Feed your intuition and seize the moment! Hermes, the Greek god identified with the Roman Mercury, is the protector on the journey as well as the guide between the worlds.

The age-old practice of leaving an offering at points along the road beckons back to Hermes as guardian of travelers. In the last few years, in the places where people walk a lot around Ashland e. They are always changing, added to, fall down, and reappear somewhere else. The name Hermes derives from herma , a stone, roadside shrine or boundary marker. In the northern sky, I was completely thrilled to see Cygnus the Swan, gliding southward. This is a huge constellation, visible all summer in the Northern Hemisphere, that I had only seen in pictures. Although this constellation is easy to find, I had never really seen the swan before.

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And there he was, gliding across the sky right across the Milky Way. What a beautiful sight! It is a super-giant star, more than times the diameter of the Sun. But we looked through the telescope, and I really flipped. There are two stars in Albireo; they looked like two eyes. There are many myths about the swan in the sky, but I am now most moved by a story told by Ovid. The gods were moved by his grief and transformed him into a swan whose long neck allowed him to dive deeply into the water on his search.

I had calls from two friends this weekend, essentially saying the same thing: What is going on? I am crying all the time! Jamie Love. Mercury, while still visible — weather and horizon line permitting — turns retrograde on June The movie opened six months after Heath Ledger died. This gives prominence to the Sun and both benefics, certainly a life with much grace and fortune. The Moon was in Cancer all day, her sign of rulership.

Mercury, Mars, and the south node are all in Pisces. Mars is ruler of the Sun in Aries and is conjunct Mercury, which is retrograde and in its detriment in Pisces. Mercury and Mars show deftness with language; he was known for subtlety in expression and the range of roles he played. Using whole sign houses and a solar chart, Mars is also ruler of the 8th house, the conditions of death. The debilitated Mercury rules the 3rd and 6th and is conjunct Mars, dispositor of the Aries Sun and ruler of the 8th-house.

He had been known to suffer from insomnia. He had too much energy. His mind was turning, turning turning — always turning. The autopsy reports were complicated and delayed amidst the massive media assault that accompanies the sudden death of a public figure. Along with the charisma granted by the exalted benefics, Ledger was also known for intensity; he had natal Sun applying to an opposition with Pluto. He has a daughter, Matilda, born on October 28, She has Sun in Scorpio conjoined Jupiter a larger-than-life father.

The Sun is applying to square Saturn in Leo, speaking of the early loss of her father. The Sun rules his solar 5th house; the transiting north node was on his Sun when his daughter was born. In a photo I saw of her, she looks exactly like her father. I like to look at the prenatal solar eclipse set for the place of birth.

This is the degree of the station direct a week later. See the chart above. Furthermore, Ledger died at the Saturn return. The second exact passage was two weeks before he died, on January 9, within two days of the transit Mars square Mars. Transiting Uranus at 16 Pisces opposed the eclipse, which is on the natal south node. The north node was conjunct natal Venus. I was very sad when he died.

I thought he was a mesmerizing actor. This kind of sensitivity — the ability to signal an inner emotional state without overtly showing it — is what distinguishes great screen acting from movie-star posing. The May 9 eclipse was angular in my birth chart. I had a surprising and strong emotional reaction to a seemingly simple event that opened a chasm of memories and associations that I am still winding through. I did not see that it would also be me who needed a bit of care and attention.

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  • Even writing about the eclipse has a way of sneaking up on me. It also shows that events and insights are in transition and still settling down. First of all, for any newcomers to using eclipses in natal chart work, Celeste Teal, Moon Valley Astrologer , has a wonderful article explaining how to understand the nature of eclipses and how to apply them in the personal horoscope. This is an area of opportunity, where rewards, good fortune and happiness can be found. By directing your efforts there, rewards easily come forth. The house occupied by the transiting South Node indicates an area of potential vulnerability, where you may be working through an issue, and where you might experience some loss or make a sacrifice.

    Sometimes it means you have a gift to share and the Universe expects something from you. Peter describes the upcoming lunar eclipse with similar methods here. The line of angularity also shows that the eclipsed Moon will be on the Descendant throughout Ireland, France, Libya and other parts of Africa.

    She explains the Saros cycles. A situation which has been lingering will suddenly clear. In the clearing of the problem there is also a sense of grief or loss, which is not so much personal but belonging to the collective. He is particularly sensitive to planetary patterns, not just discrete aspects. The error of our old ways will become painfully obvious enough to spur genuine change. Attitudes will shift even more strongly in favor of immediate social and economic reform. However, as will all the other events we have discussed in recent months, this process will not take place overnight.

    It will be yet another long-term transformative process among others now unfolding. In other words, they change the inertia of our lives. When there are three back-to-back eclipses, the cycle of changes lasts much longer and the shifts that occur can be deeper and more extensive.

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    This becomes especially true if the location of these eclipses affects our personal chart. Traveling at her fastest speed, she will soon emerge from the rays of the Sun to begin the Re-birth phase with her Evening Star appearance. But, I spent time this week with several people who had a current and exact Pluto aspect, and I was moved in a different direction. In the Greek pantheon, Hades, who we associate with the planet Pluto, wore a helmet of invisibility.

    He appears unannounced. Uranus is direct now and Pluto is retrograde. One friend has transiting Pluto exactly on the natal Sun in the 8th house. She has been in an ongoing process with a shamanic healer serving as guide to the underworld. Many memories have surfaced and she is in a passageway in life that is exhausting and rigorous. But at that moment, as I happened by, with Pluto to the minute of arc on the Sun, she was raw, completely untethered from the life she had always known.

    On the outside, everything in her life looks completely normal and could not be better. Pluto rules the invisible process of soul growth. Part of this particular method of journey is to retrieve lost parts of ourselves that are disowned through trauma or the rough and tumble of life. There are many therapeutic approaches to address the lost, disowned, or unintegrated parts of ourselves.

    Yogic traditions, for example, teach many methods to purify the toxins in the body and the poisons of the mind. The view into the landscape of Hades, as described by the Greeks, is evocative. But when it happens, it is unmistakable. Events can occur in the visible world and have an obvious impact, but the alchemy occurs in the interior life. This is the aspect of Hades that has been most repressed and denied. It is a place of despair, depression, compulsion and rage: aspects of the psyche that are denied the light, yet need to be honored and recognized.

    The third region, Elysium, the Elysian Fields, is for the heroes or those chosen by the gods. As I see it, we are taking turns traveling in the realms of Hades these days. Astrology is such an amazing guide for walking thorough life. Thanks to all of you for being present for each other. Have a good week everyone. May the eclipse bring just the right amount of agitation and insight. Warmest welcome to the Sun, Venus, and even Mars in Taurus, after the events of the last week had the country on edge.

    I knew that events surrounding the conjunction would be very obvious in my life. That was the motivation last week to write about working with the inner Mars and the shamanic possibilities of a new synodic cycle. Saturn is a hard worker and will expect them to measure up, find ways to get the job done. Chiron invites Saturn to let go of chronic matters, rigid boundaries, harsh expectations. Some things are just bigger than we are and we must let go and grow with them, time changes the parameters.

    Sometimes a gentle approach with encouragement tips the scales. Jupiter is still close though retrograding away.

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    • They have been together for months, so the considerations their combination brings is gradually seeping into our consciousness. Work is a pleasure, education pays off, travel is a welcome component! This is a combination of brilliant intelligence! Mercury with Venus is the blessing of kind words, words that show love, are spoken like poetry, give appreciation! Aquarius and Mars and Aries are looking for freedom and independence. They can act potently alone, but paradoxically once they are free enough, mature in their Spirits, they are are free to choose to work together and in groups when it makes sense.

      There is that phrase, the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. He will fight in her behalf, loves being the instigator, first one there, the fearless chief! Though Full Moons are oppositions , Moon opposite Sun, this one is laced with favorable connections. Think incorporation, collaboration! Each has their gift to give. In this case, Leo is the sign of the heart of Light, lovers! Aquarius is the philanthropist, distributes wealth, has planet wide connections and projects for people, initiates environmental healing and maintenance.

      It is brotherly love, just a different dimension of the possibility of love in its wholeness! They will only be good for those whose charts they activate in a good way. Please see your astrologer to find how they are situated per your personal chart. Also, the time of day events are initiated makes a huge difference and those times of day are not the same for every person. See your astrologer. May it go well with you…. Oct 23 Comment! Mercury directs Oct 25 at PM. As he goes forward, he covers the same ground for the third time until Nov Mercury is now in Libra, reenters Scorpio Nov 8.

      Review the Mercury Rx words, the same matters are still at hand. Social life will become easier for many; political scuffles will be better done as experience seasons the warriors, both the underdog and the powers that be. Keep your backside covered. Stay true to your Center, speak your words in a good way. Keep your balance; be aware of the encompassing energy of all directions, as well as above and below. Air signs are thought to be thinkers, ones who make connections.

      The nurturing quality of Water signs keeps those ideas and connections alive and thriving! The start of any Retrograde Cycle is way before the Retrograde dates. This one started Sep 14, when Mercury got to 16 Libra. Those degrees 16 Libra to 2 Scorpio are traversed 3 times! Takes the time it takes, and it just gets better and better. Libra is our relationships, marriage, partnership, the nature of our bonding.

      Get your chart free at Astro. You need your birthtime for this. Scorpios deeply want to share.

      Astrology of Today’s News – Page 4 – Astroinform with Marjorie Orr – Star4cast

      They donate to research, are intimate to a spiritual degree, set up non-profits, and are keen corporate leaders, put marriage monies together and buy the house! They know that working together multiplies power for the good. Libras have fine social skills, negotiating expertise, bring well matched people together.

      Equitable contributions from each, Libra and Scorpio, complementary spirits, can dove tail for metamorphic results. Retrograde relationships! Both Libra and Scorpio are relationship signs. Retrograde often returns what was lost, items, people. The future returns from the past. If an old flame returns, first remember why you went different ways.

      Take care of as much as you can that was unfinished; give thanks to that person. Often a person who leaves during Rx returns! Mercury Retrograde typically has mind changes, missed appointments, paperwork and computer snafus, lost items. Verify, confirm everything. When traveling keep valuables with you. Get good warranties, return policies. If you must go ahead, work with experienced experts to avoid pain and nuisance, like of escrow. If you can, wait to take a new job, move, buy a car, make important choices, financial or personal. You may wish resolution would happen sooner, but wait for it!

      What comes will be better than you expected. During our Retrograde, while Mercury is back in Libra, we have a sweet series of aspects apropos of Libra. Take on some challenges. Lots of options to get through the passage successfully. Abiding beauty. Ask and ye shall receive. The Lights. Afternoon sex is better, believe me. Looks good, turns out to be even better! Loving and learning together. Go to the seminar. Happy traveling! Publish the romance epic! Propose your new ideas. Say it with Love and Light!

      Quick resolutions, new beginning on the journey of a lifetime! Uh, your mind on sex! A crown of beauty worn before! Poetry rekindled. A Blessingway of words to be cherished and spoken again and again. Sweet surrender. Lovers with class initiating a Path of spiritual meaning. New financial action, plans with long term opportunities possible. A successful escape! Profound words, naming the potential. Retrograde repeats. Make it good again and again! The wanderer returns. We meet again…. Mars trine Uranus wants to be friendly, and may be quickly thoughtful and keep Mars cool, even inspiring.

      Communications specialists! In fact, this chart is just one point short of a Grand Sextile, a Star of David! In addition, the two blue parallel trine lines linked by green lines at each end, form a Mystic Rectangle, another great aspect set! It made the last aspect of the TSquare it has been traveling through since July 17, with its square to Uranus in Aries. Yet both of these aspects are the firsts of three.

      Jupiter will square Uranus two more times, Feb and April In this one, several aspects have passed by the time Mama Moon connects with Jupiter. That is more range than I use for active aspects. Venus adds desire! This period would not be a traditional wedding choice. But do shake the tree! Nothing like a little chaos to make Magic! Be true. A Hexagram! Almost invariably, a Grand Sextile is formed when Mama Moon fills the 6th point and this one is no exception!

      The emphasis with Sextiles is communications! You see how all these degrees are 5 and less degrees apart! Moon and Venus are both feminine, mothers and lovers! Partner up with prenups, or negotiate your divorce for the best for all. Best to see how it all sits with your natal chart — see an astrologer you trust to give you realistic pros and cons.


      Good luck to you all! Saturn has a built-in hexagram, Grand Sextile, if you will! Because there are planets in the midpoints of those trines on two sides, there are two KITE patterns formed! That means the water signs are in on it too! Insights about money, power, healing, intimate relationships. In the Earth signs , the probabilities are practical, possibly sustainable, sustaining. In the light of day they will probably stand the test. It is willing to attempt the healing process, forgive, but is careful, ever so sensitive to nuances.

      Uranus in Aries between Chiron and the Moon is entirely not satisfied with keeping things the way they were, is A-OK ready to start fresh. They are either going to balk or spark! The change better be a smart option, Mercury in its own sign Virgo approved, or the Pisces Chiron is going to swim under a rock to hide, and the Moon in Taurus is going to so dig in. Nope, not gonna. Ok, complex situation, a lot of players, could be an overwhelm and fizzle. But you get to take a look, can part it all out later, spin off the ideas that were presented. Uranus linking Mercury of Quicksilver and Mars of motion, connects three unstable, creative, curious planets!

      Mercury is intrigued, Mars wants to do it, Uranus wants change! These, my friends, are a happy combination. Mercury in Virgo could be a stuffy doubter, worrier, but not for long! Mars can go off half cocked right here and now. Uranus is looking much further ahead and afield — lightening, sound waves, quakes, an unalterable spiritual storm, for better or worse, often a bit of both!

      I would say something is going to move. Ride it. Let the dust settle. New and different, strangely, workable! Not only does the Grand Trine have trines, considered by many to be the best planetary connections to have, but the Mystic Rectangle adds another trine, i nitiate Mars trine healer Chiron. Incredible innovative prodding, probing healing from the bone to the soul!

      The sword anoints, psychic surgery clears and opens, Spirit Guides attend. Fire cauterizes, burns away the dross, transforms, Kundalini rises!

      Capricorn Monthly Astrology Forecast January 2018

      No page unturned, all the steps are there. In this case, Earth and Water, a fertile combination. Spirit on Earth. This is the second, three more to come! Sep 6, this powerful sextile is part of a Bow pattern, Mercury opposite Chiron, linked by their two sextiles with Mars and Pluto. Mars and Pluto are old friends, both having to do with martial endeavors — Mars on the front line, Pluto sneaking into the enemy camp for supplies and information.

      Both are healers in that Mars is a first responder, and Pluto goes in deep to finish the job. Harley in the garage. In your own life, check in with your various healers. Take inventory both personally and of your business. Have you been a little scared to take action? Talk it over with trusted advisors, especially the accountant. Pay attention to the long term. March 13 , Beautiful annual Venus conjunct Jupiter in the evening sky! Trines are fine, sextiles some think are better, Grand Sextiles are vundebar! Trines have all the same elements, unless they are at the cusps and slip across the margin.

      Then they get a tad more interesting, a little spice with the dumplings! Sextiles are mixed but harmonious elements, some thinking that adds more opportunity to the mix, more active. Grand Sextiles complete the whole circuit. They can be only two kinds, fire and air, or earth and water. Lots of choices. Jupiter and Pluto are in turn trine Mars! By connections, we have a 5 planet trine! Love and beauty, play, and perfection all rolled into one! The Moon activates Mars all day, making the conjunction in the afternoon at PM. Definitely time for new projects, especially ones that involve physical action or courage and leadership.

      Opportunities abound for Earth and Water people, with planets or factors from 0 to 10 degrees, involving Earth and Water ventures! The Moon is in Scorpio sextiling its ruler Pluto in Capricorn, an opportunity of emotion and power, intuitive healing. It senses financial possibilities, loves people from afar, is willing to learn, a lot! Please see above. Chiron makes it a Kite!

      grand sextile january 1 2020 astrology Grand sextile january 1 2020 astrology
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      grand sextile january 1 2020 astrology Grand sextile january 1 2020 astrology
      grand sextile january 1 2020 astrology Grand sextile january 1 2020 astrology

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