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At its best, theirs can be a sexual relationship that's romantic, emotionally passionate, creative, and imaginative. The Cancer man is extremely sensual. He aims to please, and nothing turns him on more than the fact that his Leo partner is turned on. He'll nurture, pamper, and shower her with affection and adoration. Plus, he'll be fully accommodating to a Leo woman's natural desire to take her rightful place on top.

A Leo woman is passionate, a great romantic, and loves sex.

Leo Man and Leo Woman – Love Compatibility, Marriage

She takes making love very seriously and considers the physical act of love an essential part of her love life. At times she can be very pampering, at other times fun and playful, but she can also believe that their lovemaking is all about her and become selfish and demanding. A man as openly giving, emotional and submissive in bed as a Cancer can do everything a Leo woman demands and ask for nothing in return.

Eventually, this is bound to make him feel neglected and resentful. But if a Leo woman is prepared to appreciate the emotional depth of a Cancer man's sexuality, and become as sensitive and giving as he, theirs can be a sexual relationship that's beyond their wildest dreams.

Leo Man and Leo Woman Love Compatibility

There's always a chance that things can work out between Cancer and Leo. Certainly I can say that majority of leo women girls are honest and loving and love with whole heart, when they fall in love. Its the way only leo can love, prepared to do everything for loved ones. That is what attracts me in leo women; I am leo man, well better said young man still waiting for love to come around for me ;.

I hope I will be lucky enough to met leo woman or girl again in my life, cause I am sure leo women are among most faithfull and loving and special women of all zodiac signs. I know leo women get a lot of negative comments, cause majority of people think leo women are into fancy, rich clothing and like to spend over the top; but people forget one thing and that is leo women have hearts made of gold and I mean it trully, there are I guess not many zodiac signs, that could be more compasionate and protecting of their loved ones than leo women are.

My problem is he always asks me not to love him coz oneday i will be sad. I am a Leo female who dated and had a child with a Leo male.. We are not together anymore however and I was the one who left him because of our big egos. He was very sweet at times and he would cuddle with me and be very affectionate with me it hurts me to remember the times I spent with him because..

I thought we would stay together forever I saw my whole life with him..

Leo Woman and Leo Man Compatibility

We talked about getting old.. We talked about our future kids.. We had everything all planned out I could see myself living the rest of my life with him.. I loved him so much.. Sometimes I think we just needed time.. For me to grow up and mature and for him to recover.. I do not know what will be of he and I in the future.. I loved him and I still love him. I am a Leo woman and am currently in a four year commitment to a Leo man. I have had experiences with multiple Leo men and for the sake of adding info to this page I will write about them.


I just moved into his neighborhood and he took me on his golfcart, drove around recklessly, and I fearfully asked him to stop and let me out. He accelerated while I was half out of through cart and I fell and broke my wrist. At the time I was not psyched. A few years later however, I saw this Leo and he was looking damn good. I was drunk at a high-school party and tried to hint at my interest..

Of course I tried again on a few more occasions but met the same response before I finally lost interest because he obviously was not feeling me. Then, a few years later, I was at another party, and I know I was looking good. Some jerk made a very rude and forward pass at me and after I turned him down, the Leo guy approached me saying the exact same thing.

It really was a great situation for me.. I thought he was smoking hot, he gave it to me good even though I would get frustrated by him never going down, and because I was already numb to his earlier rejection, I never got hurt if I saw him with another girl. We had this great understanding between us and the sex was some of the best in my life. He was a badass that the whole town had heard of and gossiped about. He had a hot younger brother who I had actually met first and felt instant attraction to.

I was scared and actually hoped to never see him again. A few months later I did see him at a party where he seemed interested in my frirnd. I could care less about it but then he called her one day and invited us both to his house. Once there I found myself really feeling a connection with him.

We had so many things in common that I could just feel so natural around him.

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Although at times I was slightly nervous and scared around him about his temper, I felt like I would do anything to be with him. I lost a job because I wanted t o sleep with him almost day and not go to work. We would have such slow lazy sex and nap together all the time. I felt secure in his arms like he was my daddy. However, he never told me how he felt about me and at times he would hit on girls right in front of me.

It hurt really bad and I would call him a million times begging him to be with me when he expressed less interest. I really pushed him away but I knew that when we did share thos good times together, I could feel that he liked me. Once again I doubted if my intuition was right or if I just wanted him to like me so badly that I was misinterpreting his behavior in my favor. I will never know how he truly felt. A month after that he died in a car accident.

I felt many mixed emotions about it all. I will always remember him and think of him. One final thing is that he too never wanted to go down. I know it is horrible to feel that way towards someone but he has disrespected me too many times in my life. My exboyfriend cheated on me and I promptly webt to. One thing I can say about my experiences with Leo men is that they all lose respect for women that put out without much work. This guy is a perfect example.

I only hooked up with him when I was desperate for sex because he was so well endowed and handsome. He knew it and was a total jerk who slept wih.


To be honest he intimidates me to this day and if I ever see him again it will be too soon. Overall a common theme runs through these interactions with Leo men and it is that I always make myself desperate to them and they never really appreciated me for anything more than sex. At the time I was practically addicted to sex though and I blame. I was however very attracted to their cocky. I also always felt distant from all of them like I never knew the real man inside the ego.

When we first were introduced I was not particularly attracted to him but we were friendly. He dated a lot of my friends in school and so I was even less into him. We had mutual friends and he left to the army while I was fooling around with the above leos. After I gave up on Leo 2 I really wanted a boyfriend. I went back to the cheating ex with no luck and as fate would have it, I ran into Leo 4 randomly on my 19th birthday.

I definitely felt attraction at this point and we started talking very soon.

gohu-takarabune.com/policy/rastrear/qurix-gps-para.php I felt so comfortable with him and decided I wanted to be with gum. Your email address will not be published. Notify me of new posts by email. Skip to content. How to Attract a Leo Man as a Leo Woman: You will have to tuck your ego and your pride into your pocketbook if plan to approach the great King of the Jungle.

Degree of Passion: Passion is a little bit of an act where a Leo is concerned but it does belong in the repertoire. Degree of Friendship: The sign associated with friendship is the opposite of Leo which kind of says it all. Degree of Marriage: Well, the loyalty is there.

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  • Progression of Relationship: This is courtship by the book. In Leo-Leo compatibility — their struggle of ambition may eventually cause them to part, but in any case they will remember these vibrant relationships for life. In an ideal union, the Leo woman and the Leo man have common interests, common friends, they like to relax together and always appear together in public. This is a very bright and beautiful couple, always attracting the attention of others. They radiate self-confidence, benevolence, self-esteem. They are benevolent, never scandal in public, but, on the contrary, charge them with optimism.

    In an ideal alliance with a Leo man, the Leo woman finds someone who, on the one hand, is strong and ready to defend her, and on the other — does not become a warlike macho, but remains a gentleman who does not get tired of pampering her. The Leo man, in alliance with the Lioness, receives a worthy companion: intelligent, beautiful and understanding. If in public Leos never quarrel, then, remaining alone, they often argue with each other. In this pair, the struggle for power does not stop. Surrender — not in the character of Leo, even in the most ideal couple. But this struggle, often takes place for them as an exciting game.

    In addition, they have an active sex life, both are passionate and prefer to satisfy their appetites with each other, rather than seeking thrills on the side. The main problem of compatibility of Leo-Leo signs is that they are both stubborn and do not know how to cede. Both are proud, obstinate, powerful and self-righteous.

    Each of the partners expects that it is to his opinion that they must adapt. If their interests are divorced, no one wants to give in.

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    • Their war among themselves can develop into a chronic one. To achieve their Leos can long and hard.

      Love Compatibility Between a Leo Man- Leo Woman

      They get used to living in a situation of constant nervous tension, which certainly not only spoils their character, but also harms social success and sexual relations. The struggle for leadership is their constant struggle. Their pride is easy to touch, and forgive or, conversely, they do not like to apologize and do not know how. According to the compatibility horoscope Leo-Leo — neither she nor he can not win in this "war".

      leo woman leo man compatibility Leo woman leo man compatibility
      leo woman leo man compatibility Leo woman leo man compatibility
      leo woman leo man compatibility Leo woman leo man compatibility
      leo woman leo man compatibility Leo woman leo man compatibility
      leo woman leo man compatibility Leo woman leo man compatibility

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