Lunar eclipse december 3 2019 astrology aquarius

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This means that the effect that the eclipse will have, regardless of how we may initially feel it, aims to move us forward. I wrote some lines above that this Total Solar Eclipse in Cancer has a strong resonance to the past.

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The very essence of Cancer, a Sign that is ruled by Moon, is a clinging to the familiar. In this Eclipse both our conscious Sun and our desire Moon are positioned in this Watery Sign, steeped with nostalgia and memory. In this particular eclipse the past, the memory of the past, or the nostalgia for it, may appear unexpectedly and overwhelmingly. There are two important astrological facts that tie Time with Karma upon the axis of this eclipse. It is as if Saturn tests us , trying to drag us back to the past, or to past habits, resisting our moving forward towards the North Node and our development.

Discipline, integrity and mastery over habits that have served their purpose needs to be applied. Karmic cleansing must be applied. Release any fear rooted in the past, leave behind anxiety and pessimism rooted in the need for material security. Stop testing yourself and your emotions trying to please authoritative persons, seeking career achievements, or trying to adjust to situations or relationships that have been proven rigid.

Care for those that care for you and start tuning to circumstances and relationships that provide not only material but emotional security also. The second astrological factor is the fact that planet Mercury is going to turn retrograde on the 7 th of July , just five days after the eclipse. Think of it for a moment… An eclipse in Cancer is activating a past eclipse that took place in Leo , some days before Mercury turns retrograde in Leo.

Persons or past lovers may re-appear, issues that those Signs felt with the previous eclipse are now being re-visited. This will not easily happen because both Mars and Mercury are close together and make a conjunction on the 9 th of July, in between the two eclipses. Right on this Mercury — Mars conjunction the planet Uranus is making a square that comes exact to planet Mars on July the 11 th.

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This is a power-charged square that electrifies the conjunction and may bring impulsive reactions, nervousness, restlessness and to make our tongue sharp. This is the only constructive approach to the tension that builds up with this eclipse and to the demand for a Karmic cleansing. A cleansing and moving forward that will most possibly happen only after the second eclipse that follows on the 16 th of July, when the emotional climax will peak. The tide is turning on finances, but you need to bring some integrity back to your budgeting. Stability is the goal, even if that means returning to the grind to pay some dues.

July 16 Lunar Eclipse: Intensity alert! This is a soulful, sexy day that could be one of the most passionate of ! But watch out, because jealousy could erupt like an active volcano, so watch that vengeful streak. July 2 Solar Eclipse: Nailed it! Let your spontaneous side guide you for at least a few hours. You could walk right into an unexpected opportunity!

July 16 Lunar Eclipse: Commit or quit!

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This eclipse draws a line in the sand. The adventure shared or solo begins once you commit to a path and stop looking back. July 2 Solar Eclipse: White light insights hit you out of nowhere! Have a seat and process this, Leo.

Eclipse season 2020: what energies will they bring?

Summertime sadness might be part of the process, so keep the tissues close. Or, let this be day one of your graceful exit that you make before is through. July 16 Lunar Eclipse: Have you been slacking on self-care? No mas! Plunge into a summertime fitness routine and reboot your bod with plant-based fare. July 2 Solar Eclipse: Flex those social butterfly wings!

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A new friend group is forming, both online and IRL. Submerge yourself in local activities and practice being a joiner instead of hovering on the periphery of a scene. Update digital devices and choose a stronger password before Mercury turns retrograde on the 7th. July 16 Lunar Eclipse: Step into the spotlight! This eclipse lights up your zone of fame, fashion and flirtation, drawing attention your way. Romantic developments happen fast, and you may have something epic to announce within a month.

A nurturing man could be part of this fateful acceleration. July 16 Lunar Eclipse: Where will you hang your fedora next, Libra? A big change may be in store as you close on a house or sign a lease on your dream apartment. Staying put? Shifts within your inner circle could shake up your social life.

Take space from certain people and use the time to get closer to friends who are on the level this summer. July 2 Solar Eclipse: Cast a wider net! A long-distance opportunity could rock your world, luring you off to distant ports. Or, you may begin exploring the possibility of traveling or relocating for work over the next six months.

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Some Scorpios might enroll in school or get to work on a promising side hustle. July 16 Lunar Eclipse: In or out? A work partnership or creative collab could be cemented under this full moon; or you may break free to find a more suitable match. Watch your words, Scorpio. Surround yourself with positive and supportive people and prune your friend list of everyone else.

July 2 Solar Eclipse: Think beyond the grind, Sagittarius, as this eclipse activates your zone of big money. You could earn a bundle from passive income, royalties, or an investment like a rental property.

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Shared finances come under the microscope. Is your partner pulling their weight? July 16 Lunar Eclipse: Your need for material security becomes greater under this eclipse, which might just serve up a lucrative job opportunity.

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Some Archers might need to downsize. Tighten up your belt as you figure out ways to drum up more cash. A helpful man could light the path to prosperity within a month of this eclipse. July 2 Solar Eclipse: Keep your mind and heart open.

see You might see a relationship in a totally new light. A business partner might also emerge, ready to sign on for a trial project.

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July 16 Lunar Eclipse: Get off the fence, Capricorn. A passion project could take flight, or you could be vaulted into a leadership role. This eclipse gives your goals major juice.

lunar eclipse december 3 2019 astrology aquarius Lunar eclipse december 3 2019 astrology aquarius
lunar eclipse december 3 2019 astrology aquarius Lunar eclipse december 3 2019 astrology aquarius
lunar eclipse december 3 2019 astrology aquarius Lunar eclipse december 3 2019 astrology aquarius
lunar eclipse december 3 2019 astrology aquarius Lunar eclipse december 3 2019 astrology aquarius
lunar eclipse december 3 2019 astrology aquarius Lunar eclipse december 3 2019 astrology aquarius
lunar eclipse december 3 2019 astrology aquarius Lunar eclipse december 3 2019 astrology aquarius
lunar eclipse december 3 2019 astrology aquarius Lunar eclipse december 3 2019 astrology aquarius

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