Mole on scrotum astrology

Moles and Astrology
What can cause black spot on penile shaft after puberty? - Dr. Nischal K

In most cases most spots are both common and harmless. It is the size, shape and color of the spot that helps to determine whether there is something to be concerned about. Tiny nodules beneath the skin which appear over the scrotum and the base of the shaft of the penis are normal hair follicles.

THE Body Moles Influence and Effect

These 'pearly penile papules' if diagnosed, are not infectious and require no treatment. Small red or purple spots on the penis can appear on the glans, shaft or scrotum and usually affect younger men.

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Known as Fordyce spots they may appear in one's or two's but they frequently occur in patches of up to These spots come about as a result of dilated blood vessels. They can look a little unsightly but they are completely harmless. No easy way is known of removing this type of spot. A small-medium sized raised spot on the scrotum, sometimes filled with pus, is most likely just a spot or a boil.

Thick red patches with a well defined edge could spell psoriasis. Psoriasis can be inherited but is rarely serious. Typically, psoriasis of the penis will be treated by a steroid cream.

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Pink-brown or skin-colored lumps with a moist surface could suggest genital warts. A single, round and painless ulcer of the penis or scrotum could be primary syphilis. A painless irregular genital ulcer could be penile cancer. A single, painless but foul-smelling ulcer could be the result of a tropical disease and may be a sexually transmitted disease if sexual contact has occurred in the tropics. Small blisters forming painful ulcers sounds like herpes simplex.

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This is the commonest form of genital ulceration. This is highly infectious and usually transmitted sexually. The first episode is often associated with a feverish illness. Moles must have read in many Astrology books that moles are found on different parts of that body and as mentioned can be referred in slokas ii, iv-6, vi-5 of sankeetanidhi but the reader is buffled further as to that results of such moles as it is not available in the text books of Astrology.

Table of zodiac signs appended in this book denotes the part of the body, which they dominate or summarized as below. The moles by different signs, which are mentioned in the body and on the part of the body indicates zodiacal sign by it is observed also moles appear and disappear throughout the lifetime on the movement of the planet and the stars.

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  5. Thus change their size and colour, which indicates change of fortune. Darker the colour indicates great disappointment whereas light colour indicates good fortune. A mole, which raised like a wart is a good sign according to the auspicious. A til or agleam when turn to red colour, it is significance of best fortune wherever they occur.

    Generally more than 12 moles are benefic on a body, but moles upon 73 is visible on body also very rate. I conclude here along with the horoscope, palm, sole, face, carriage, physiognomy moles should also be tallied while giving any prediction to a person. Verify the characters on the left. Subscribe for Newsletters and Discounts. Be the first to receive our thoughtfully written religious articles and product discounts.

    What is astrological effects of having mole on penis and in around groin area?

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    Share our website with your friends. Honey brown, emerald green, and red colored moles are considered more auspicious and benefic than black moles. The Chinese believe moles can be lucky or unlucky depending on where they are located, what colour they are, and how large they appear in proportion to our body. Moles on our backs denote some kind of burden we have to carry, while moles at the front of our bodies are said to attract success luck. The interpretation of moles and birthmarks depends upon two factors, their actual physical appearance and the part of the person's body that they appear upon.

    In astrology, each Zodiac sign dominates a particular part of the body as summarised below:. Maharishi Parasara said. O Maitreya! Now I will describe to you the effects of moles, marks, spots and signs, found on the body of women and men. A mole, spot, or figure, formed by hair on the left side of a woman and right side of a man is auspicious. If there is mole on the chest of a woman, she will be fortunate. A woman, who has a red mark, like a mole etc. The woman, who has a red mark mole on her left breast, begets only one son. The woman, who has a mole on her right breast, begets many daughters and sons.

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