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This is a period of co-operation with other people. Engaging in group efforts and projects in your personal and professional life will be the most effective way to accomplish this aim. Moon being ill positioned in the 8th house could cause sudden moods of depression. You should therefore try to relax more often. Ketu -Mars from February 02, till July 01, You can enjoy financial gain, mental happiness and romance.

You mood will be charitable and you may enjoy happiness through donations. There will be comforts, distant travel for loved ones, respect from elders and preceptors, increased knowledge, fame and prosperity. You may enjoy love or experience of beauty in art, pleasures and amusement. Ketu -Rahu from July 01, till July 20, You can enjoy happiness through friends and relatives. There will be gain of money, honour from superiors and elders.

Helpful friends will bring happiness. You will be engaged in virtuous deeds and gain fame. This is a good time for entertainment and amusement. Do not overdo the things. Ketu -Jupiter from July 20, till June 25, This period indicates gain of wealth, destruction of enemies, good health, happiness and acquisition of desired objects.

Emotional repression of one kind or another is probable. Now you may pay attention to home, personal hygiene, a general organisation of personal aspects of your life- Take care of your health which is essential. Ketu -Saturn from June 25, till August 04, Your activities will be more pleasant and agreeable. Social life combined with parties, get-togethers will be more enjoyable. Do not be serious during the period. There can be gain through exchange of letters.

This is a period of Love and harmony.

This period indicates prosperity, happiness, gain of wealth, success, favour and profits from friends and relations. There will be increased influence, honour, gain of luxury articles, good pleasures and loveable company. Ketu -Mercury from August 04, till August 01, This period indicates success, gain of good dress, friendship and association with all.

There could be gain of money, victory, joy and happiness. Your communication and personal conversation will have an emotional depth which will be fruitful. So control of your emotions will be helpful. This period indicates bad impression upon some one by reacting automatically rather thinking about demand of the moment. Female relatives and friends may play an important role in your life at this time. Main period of Venus from August 01, to August 01, On the whole this will be very good period.

Venus being your 4th and 11th lord and positioned in the ascendant could bring some very good all round benefits. There could be gains through investments and property dealings. There could also be addition to property. You will be able to realize your full potentials and fulfil many of your ambitions. You will have a sense of achievement and fulfilment. You will gain good mental peace and happiness. Who am I? Our whole life is but a quest to find the answer to this question.

We at Cyber Astro do not claim that we know the answer. All philosophers say, know thyself, but it is easier said than done. Only God knows the answer because He is the final repository of all knowledge. However, astrologically, by knowing the nature of planets, their strengths and weaknesses in the horoscope, one can gain some insight into ones life. Let us attempt to do that together. According to Vedic astrology, the four legitimate aims and goals of human life are Dharma, Artha, Kama and Moksha. Dharma means principle of law and order and refers to the fulfillment of our need for honor or recognition in life.

We call it Vocation, as this is how our culture interprets this need. Each of us needs to be acknowledged for what we can contribute to society without compromising the individual identity. Artha means achievement of goals. More specially it relates to the acquisition of valuable objects and so could be referred to as wealth. Each of us should possess necessary wealth to function happily in life. Kama literally means desire and refers to our need for emotional and sensory happiness in life.

As such we call it enjoyment. All that we do in life should be enjoyable and should not cause pain to ourselves or to others. Moksha means liberation or freedom and relates to our need for spiritual growth, including transcendence of three lower values. We all must seek to go beyond who we are until we become one with all. Our Ordained Life Script Score As Per Our Chart The interesting thing is that each one of us works according to the divine Life Script, which determines to what extent and when we will pursue each of these aims in our lives.

Of course, we do pursue all these aims simultaneously all through our lives. But, each one of us has a specific life script encoded in the astral configuration of the natal chart and we can get an indication of that by analyzing each persons Vedic Astrology chart. The important thing is to discover the life script within us. The planets do act as referees and critics in this cosmic drama. They announce prizes, penalties and sometimes also put a brake on our impulses. Through astrology what we shall do is to get a better understanding of the parameters of our individual lives. We should not take it as finality because the stars show us the tendencies based on our past Karma.

By doing good deeds in this life we can significantly alter the effects of this. Present karma can enhance or minimize the influence of past karma. AB signifies Ashtakbarga score for each of the houses in our chart. Normal pursuit of any goal will give you a score of Anything less than 84 or more than 84 will indicate that you have a bias in the pursuit of that particular goal, because the sum total of these scores for any chart will always be The cycle of karma in our life will force us to go through all the experiences and goals in life as revealed by our ordained life script score.

Our life is never linear or black and white, it always has shades of Grey contradictions and they will rear their head, no matter how hard we try to purge them. In this final section, we shall examine those contradictions as revealed by your chart. What does it mean for your life? There is no explicit value judgment, these scores are based on your karmic destiny. The time, effort and energy you put in something is in proportion to your life script score.

Whenever, the score of any of the pursuit s is high or higher than 84 that does not mean that you will achieve immense success in those peculiar pursuit s , wherein, the high score implies that you ideally neglected that pursuit s in your previous lives and in this life you will enjoy or wield it the most. On other hand, if the score of any of the pursuit s is low or lower than 84 that does not mean that you will lack or fail to achieve those goal s in life. The low score simply indicates that you over enjoyed or experienced the particular pursuits in your previous lives and in this life you will suffer in those pursuits the most or will simply ignore them.

So far in your life if you have not followed this life script score then planets and their Dasha will definitely trigger events in your life to force you to concentrate on those particular goals. If you have more or less balanced score 84 or around in all goals, you will have a balanced life and all 4 goals of life will be in harmony with each other. The recipe to be happy and prosperous in this life is to be in flow with your life script score. Three of the houses belong to one pursuit among the 4 pursuits of life.

The 4 goals of life and associated House Table. Among the three houses in each category, each of them is supposed to represent a particular process. In nature, any phenomena can be viewed as going through 3 distinct stages or process. The first stage is a "Seed stage". The second stage is a "nurturing stage" when the seed transforms into a sapling by proper nurturing or trigger. The third stage is the final result or full manifestation of the seed into fruit and flower.

From the flower and fruit, a new seed is formed and the cycle goes on. This constitutes our life cycle and the external cycle of Karma till we reach our final salvation after many incarnations. Comments If AB scores is 28 or more, then the process signified by the specific house will proceed smoothly without much difficulties or challenges, because the planets and their interaction with the house will be supportive and harmonious. The greater the value, the harmonious interaction will be more supportive to you.

These are your opportunity areas in life and you must utilize them to the best of your abilities. If AB score is less than 28, then the process signified by the specific house will present many challenges, difficulties and obstacles in life, because the specific house is being exposed to too much negative energy from the planets influencing the house. The lesser the score is from 28, the greater the difficulties and challenges. These are the areas, which you have to confront in your life, and you have to realize the nature of these negative energies. You have to make conscious efforts to improve and to fight these negative energies so that they do not cloud and overwhelm your thoughts, you attitude, your action and your response pattern.

First of all you have to realize and accept that such a problem exits, only then you can begin to fight, neutralize and reduce the pain and suffering that these struggles can cause in life. Astrology is not for people who would simply want to know about the happy things and close their eyes to the negative aspects in the chart, and accept it blindly as the fate or destiny and do nothing about it. You have to make conscious efforts to bring about a fundamental.

Yes you can change your destiny and you can outwit the stars also. Fortunately, the ancient Vedic Sages have also advised short cut and astrological remedies, which will help you to conduct this struggle in less stressful manner, but your own conscious efforts will be the supreme deciding factor in your battle to outwit the starts. There can be 6 pairs, where in each pair, we have clubbed 2 houses opposing each other in our chart. So these 6 pairs are as follow 1st pair 2nd pair 3rd pair 4th pair 5th pair 6th pair 1st house and 7th house 2nd house and 8th house 3rd house and 9th house 4th house and 10th house 5th house and 11th house 6th house and 12th house.

In the dialectic view of life, in each pair, one house is the thesis and the other house is its antithesis. There is a constant struggle between the thesis and antithesis and a synthesis is taking place, which is again generating its antithesis, and a new synthesis takes place.

This is the saga of our life and this is truly how the cycles of karma get manifested in our life. Now, we can view the dialectics of life with respect to the AB score of each house in your chart. If AB score is less than 28 then that function will pose difficulties and challenges. Lower the score will be the difficulties and challenges. We can rearrange the numbers in a slightly different way and see how you will progress in each of these 4 goals in life.

We shall now explain the nature of this struggle of six pairs in little more details, which will give you a better insight and will guide you to identify the areas where you need to improve through your own conscious efforts. You should go through this explanation carefully and it may demand multiple reading to grasp its full significance in your life. The vocation trigger, which basically decides, how clear we are about our own core competence and skills and how strong is our intent or determination to apply it in our strategy and action.

The Desire trigger means, that in order to fulfill our mission in life, we cannot do that in vacuum, we have to forge partnership with other people, with the world at large, and together we must pursue common goals or common ideas. As your vocation trigger score is less it seems either you are not clear or focused about your core competence or even if you are clear, you hesitate and do not have strong intent to pursue your mission in life.

As your desire trigger scores less, it means that either there are no clear desires, or very low level of desires or there are no commonalities of goals, or there are impractical desires. As your vocation trigger score is higher than desire trigger score, it signifies that some of the desire will be modified, curtailed and compromised to manifest the pursuit of riotousness more over pursuit of sensual pleasures. This is the struggle where on one hand you are trying to build and accumulate wealth, whatever be the nature of your wealth, money, property, knowledge, health, prosperity of family all that is known as worldly creations and possessions.

On the other hand, the stars are trying to limit or destroy your worldly possessions through disease, old age and death because all material things come apart, and all things must return to their component, because on the final day of reckoning, we cannot take with us any of our worldly possession. As your wealth score is low, you will consciously neglect the duties and responsibilities to earn livelihood or to look after your family.

You may actually avoid marriage so as not to take any responsibilities. As your salvation score is low, you will be too attached to your possession and too much materialistic, and as such will be completely at a loss and devastated if confronted with any karmic punishments like accident, injuries, death and material losses in life. As your wealth score is higher than salvation score, you will be more materialistic than spiritual.

This is the battle, which decides where you will direct your efforts, initiative and courage either towards pursuit of pleasure and desire or towards pursuit of vocation and your mission in life. As your score of desire seed is high it indicates that whatever you do, your level of efforts will be very high. Once, you have decided to pursue something, you will be stead fast and will not spare any efforts to achieve your goals.

As your vocation seed score is low, you are definitely unlucky. Your background, your education, your parental support, your value system, all may have a role to play. You should make conscious efforts to seek guidance from superior people or books to improve your value system. As your desire seed score is higher than vocation seed score, it indicates you may be too ambitious, and your desires may be unrealistic or much beyond the scope for fulfillment. You have to make continuous efforts to reach anywhere near your goal.

The meaning of this struggle is that on one hand you have your worldly status, your social background and your professional status and on the other hand, is your need for peace, contentment, emotional and material security vis--vis your worldly status. As your salvation trigger score is less you are never content, and you will never feel emotional and material security in life.

The irony is that this feeling does not lead to greater efforts but it only increases unhappiness, insecurity, frustration and depression. As your wealth trigger score is high, you will never rest at peace with your existing worldly status, you will continuously push yourself to attain higher and higher level of worldly status in this life. As your wealth trigger score is higher than salvation trigger you will be highly materialistic; will be full of energy and drive. You will be always active. Profession and career are going to be the most important factor in life at the cost of domestic bliss and harmony.

You will seek power and status throughout your life. Results are important but equally important is that it must be achieved through creative and innovative efforts. As your vocation result score is high, your creativity, innovative action will be your second nature. You will have great passion and zeal in whatever you undertake. You are lucky in love and romance, and usually achieve a high level of skills or education in whatever field you choose. Your speculative instinct to do something out of ordinary is also high. Your sense of discrimination between right and wrong Dharma and Adharma will also be very high.

As your desire result score is high, you are born lucky. You usually fulfill most of your desires in life with least efforts. You are one among happy go lucky people and are usually very successful materially. As your desire result score is higher than vocation result score, you may be materially highly successful but do not get commensurate social recognition in life. Your career or vocation will not give you enough self-fulfillment. Among all the pairs of opposites, this is the trickiest and most challenging struggle between the pairs of opposites.

On the one hand, wealth seed signifies the disease, obstacles, enmities and challenges as well as your capacity to overcome such obstacles in your pursuit for wealth in life. The 6th house or the house of wealth seed connects the self with the material or the physical world. Whereas, the 12th house the Salvation seed detaches the self from the physical world and all that is material or material possessions that we seek. Hence, this is the struggle between the process of creation of wealth and the process of destruction of that wealth.

The Salvation seed score signifies expenditure and losses. It signifies detachment form our secure home and motherland to an overseas or foreign land. It signifies the sexual act where our seeds get detached from ourself. It signifies, prison, solitary confinement, monastery, where we are banished from the living world.

This also signifies the seeds for final Salvation. However, a high score is desirable only for people who are seeking true salvation in life. If other conditions are favorable then this high salvation seed score can give great spiritual development in life. As your wealth seed score is high, you will have the spirit of fighting and shall be able to overcome all disease, which means disturbance of ease, physical ease and mental ease. Disturbance caused by physical disease, enmity, debts, lack of wealth, win in competition, victory over enemies and all that.

As your salvation seed score is low, salvation seed impacts will be less in your life. To that extent, it is desirable that salvation seed score should be less for all ordinary and normal life script. However, in today's global environment, you may not be very successful in your overseas or foreign connection. A low salvation seed score may not give great sexual satisfaction and can in fact create a sexually repressed personality, which in turn effects your level of peace, contentment and happiness.

As your wealth seed score is high and greater than salvation seed score, it indicates material success but after a lot of struggle and battle. Answer To Concern: Your 5th and 10th Lord Mars is well positioned in the 9th house and this indicates that you will do well in your professional life. You may therefore have to put in good efforts to realize your full potentials and achieve your goals. You are now passing through the main period of Saturn till August 01, Saturn being lord of the 7th house and positioned in the 12th house could cause a few moments of anxieties in the sphere of business, health or other factors.

Next you will be passing through the main period of Mercury from August 01, till August 01, This will be a very good period. There will be good professional and financial enhancement. Next you will be passing through the main period of Ketu for 7 years from August 01, till August 01, Ketu being positioned in the 12th house could bring about an interest in social service work or religious pursuits.

Jupiter is at present transiting over your 11th house from May till May This is a very good period and you may be blessed with a promotion or a new position and honor. There will gain of wealth, domestic happiness good health and all round success. There will be gain of luxury items, respect and prosperity. Fulfillment of hopes, help and benefits from friends and elders is indicted.

Some new acquaintances will prove to be of help. During this period group working will be more beneficial. Jupiter will be transiting over your 12th house from May till June You should be cautious during this period, as there could be some financial loss. This period could cause some unexpected expenses some of which could be for a good cause. The benefits during this period may not be obvious. This is a good period for learning spiritual and religious pursuits. You could be benefited by the grace of some preceptor.

Jupiter will be transiting over your 1st house from June till July This will be the beginning of a major cycle of growth in your life. You will feel more secure about yourself. You may gain some new experiences. You will receive good help for others. The person to whom you will be attracted or involved will be beneficial to you through mutual help. This is a fortunate year in personal terms. This is a good period for advancement towards spiritual side. Self confidence will pave the way of progress during this year of transit.

Jupiter will be transiting over your 2nd house from July till August During this period there could be gain of wealth and commodities. This transit indicates good income and domestic happiness. You could also gain a new position and status in your professional career. This period is favorable in the sphere of material possession and resources. One can gain money or with concentration one can increase ones spiritual standard as well as other dimensions of life like comforts and pleasures.

This is a good period for investments and purchase of property and. You might have to make some necessary changes in your sources to achieve your desires. Jupiter will be transiting over your 3rd house from August till August During this period there will be an increase in your contacts, which will prove very beneficial later.

There could be gains through communications and writings. You may study the subjects of your interest or take interest in advance training. Favorable travels are indicated. There could be cordial relationship with siblings and gain through them. Good understanding, broad views, generous and tolerant will the effect on your personality. Do not spend more and be not self imposed which will be to your advantage. Plan effectively for gain but do not overdo and go to extremes. Do not commit to projects which you cannot possibly do or fulfill otherwise there will be loss of position or obstacles in business or profession and ill health.

Astrological Remedies: 1. To augment the strength of your ascendant lord Moon which is ill positioned in the 8th house, you may wear a Pearl of 7 to 8 carats on gold ring, worn on the right index, inaugurated either on Monday. This will also augment the strength of your 9th lord Jupiter. This will enhance your all round luck factor and general well being. This will enhance your professional potentials and bring success in your efforts.

On behalf of cyberastro. Krishnan Astrologer NOTE: Getting best quality astrological gemstone is a very tough task nowadays. However, here is given the link for guidelines to select the right and best quality gemstone. Please follow this link before you choose a gemstone suggested by our astrologer:. Read Free For 30 Days. Flag for inappropriate content. Related titles. Carousel Previous Carousel Next.

Prashna for a fellow Astrologer. Disease and Suffering. Astrological e Magazine - January Preview. Jump to Page. Search inside document. Outstanding Excellent Very good Good Mixed Challenging Most challenging Significance and status of each house in the natal chart: In the explanation of your horoscope chart, we have indicated the different houses in your chart. III Virgo Mar Determination, courage, physical strength, siblings, friends, neighbors, art, dance, drama, music, voice, singing, memory, communications, writing etc.

Documents Similar To Cyberastro. Shanker Adawal. Radha Krishnan. Negative competition, feeling of jealousy, war to win are the main cause of enemy. The Daily Horoscope is based on 12 Zodiac signs which are known as sun sign analysis. There is much more to astrology than mere sun sign horoscopes. Vasthu Shastra is believed to have a strong influence on people, their behavior and their success in various areas of their life.

Modelling your home according to Vasthu is therefore considered one of the most influential ways of channelizing this energy. Based on the Panchabhoutik theory of astrology and the twelve zodiac signs associated with it, they provide significant importance of direction. But it is important to match jathakam before marriage.

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Expert Astrologer. Instant Access Worldwide. Accurate Remedial Solutions. Privacy Guaranteed. Trusted By Several Clients. Chovva Dosham In Hindu astrology, Chovva Dosham is an astrological combination that occurs if Mars Chovva is in the 1st, 2nd Considered by South Indian Astrologers , 4th, 7th, 8th, or 12th house of the ascendant chart.

Rajayogam There are so many favorable yogams in horoscope. Legal Case Getting into litigation or court cases are becoming common in these days. Nakshatras The zodiac according to Indian Astrology comprises of degrees. Birth Journal A Jathakam or horoscope is an astrological chart that is created based on exact birth date, place of birth and time. He believe his experience as a life coach and NLP master practitioner adds value to his astrological readings because clients feel empowered rather than a victim exposed to a series of random events or situations.

Websit www. Author of "The Fundamentals of Astrology" workbook. In depth bitth chart analysis, counsel. Kemp, Willian, V. Kenyon, Virginia L. Phone: Email: vkenyon comcast. Birth: Phone: Email: vkenyon11 yahoo. Ker, Michael B. Kerry, Jillian M. Currently studying for the Level 2 Certification. Also, twice certified professional life coach. Please, visit www. Relocational Astrology. Deep Space Astrology. Asteroids and Goddess Astrology. Published in Llewellyn's Sun Sign Book. Kevin D. This work can be purchased, in hard copy, or e-book format, from Raphael's website.

Khoschen- Klein, Isreal M. Birth: Phone: Fax: Email: monius. Kiley, Shirle USA Acrophonology, the study of the meaning of the letters in one's names; computer software; correspondence course. Ebertin; international lecturer. King, Kyra C. I have experience with holistic health therapy and can refer clients to the best local holistic healers and doctors. Kinsman, Warren D. Phone: Address: 36th St. Kirleis, Kathryn A. Kiss, E. Klamkin, Miriam Phone: Email: miriam nightvisionastrology.

Klushka, Edward J. Phone: Address: Ludlow Avenue, Cincinnati,, OH , USA psychics and psychology; 20 year in practice; author of "Astrological Megatrends"; natal, relationships, locality, business, horary. Knauer, Alice A. Knight, Sharon M. Phone: 00 44 Email: batshall aol. Knox-Carr, Wendy J. Gender futurist, planetary myth systems, counseling. Steiner College. Kopet, Shirley M. USA taught graphology 15 years.

Algunoor H. Kramer, Arlene A. Phone: Address: Victory Blvd. Krantz, Florence B. Box , Wycombe, PA. Professional MemberA. Practicing since Worked with Donna Cunningham in establishing the "Astrologer's Memorial" website. Krishnan, R.

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P , India Horoscope,a complete study including stone recommendation,numerlogy,tarot card readings,vedic astrology,vaastu. Speciality : Solution for any type of problem. Krofel, Barbara J. This is a highly effective and unique system devised by Ashok Kumar. This system uses a combination of Astrology, Vastu, and Numerology to solve your problems in a very sure and effective way. Kumar, Dr. Rakesh Phone: Email: ishwarcenter gmail. Lamb, Theresa H. Lamb, William Phone: Email: zodiac bellsouth. Lane, Sheryl Phone: Email: brighteyesiam yahoo.

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Phone: Email: admin astro-pro. Your natat chart or previsions on audio tapes by regular mail 25 years of experience. Joseph also teaches A Course in Miracles and uses the principle of Atonement in his work. In his free time, he enjoys herbology, extreme sports and meditation. Joseph is a masterful artist trained in both Classical and Evolutionary Astrology. Soul-Level Guidance. Lee, Janet B. Lehman, J.

Lee Phone: Email: lee leelehman. Toe River Rd. Leinbach, Ester V. Lenard, Kathy Email: km aol. She has Reh Dair. Kathy Collected clear glass rose color dishes and kitchen ware. She did a reading for my wife after I did some painting in her house. I have tried to find her for a long time.

Kathy means very, very much to my wife and I and if she can talk to us please tell her I'm at phone Thanks, Ken and Suzanne Miller. Lennon, Deanna Phone: Fax: Email: roger cybertours. Lentz, Nancy E. Box , Eugene, OR Psychologically oriented consultations, current cycles, business, family and relatio. Thanks for listing me. Dublin, Ireland. Author of "Crossing the Threshold - the Astrology of Dreaming".

Littlejohn, Frances J. Livne, Yaron Birth: Llewellyn, Dick Phone: Address: P. English Huber School of Astr. Counselling Astrological-Psychology Institute. Lovatt, Sean Address: 34 Cowl St. Luke, Keith D. Lundquist, Judy Phone: Address: W. Lynn Staudacher Phone: Email: Lynn paths2awareness. Compatability and Birth charts make great gifts for Weddings and Birthdays. Maass, Dorothy B.

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Zoccoli , Modena, Italy. This is a personal, private forecast, in person or by phone. Please call or email for free first forecast. Have your birthdate, time of birth as closely as you know it , and place of birth hand. Ask me your specific questions about your own future, and tell me your current status married, work, etc. Marcelina Phone: Email: marcelina marcelinaww. March, Marion D. Is a frequent contributor of articles to professional publications. Maria, Satova Birth: 3.

Marie Helena Cisneros Phone: Email: popess yahoo. I also do Celtic Astrology and have developed a new form of this. Mario F. Centro Astrologico de Salta, Salta, , Argentina. Box , NY, NY I have appeared on television programs in CT and Long Island. Vignette, Carol Moore, a weekly television program. Also, beyond the unexplained with Janet Russell.

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May, Barbara Phone: Address: N. Natal, helio, horary and mundane. Maya, Su Phone: Email: Su juno. Mayers, Jeffrey L. We specialize in relationships, business astrology, progressions, life path progress, and symbols. Natal, forecasting, synastry and composite. McCarthy, Laura N. Phone: Address: Grove St. Natal, transits, abstract astrology art.

McClough, Whitney L. Birth: Feb. Plan your life and future with an Astrological consult. Understand the cycles of your life, and what they mean. Learn to take advantage of life's cycles to better and enrich your life! Blessings, Whitney. McCutcheon, Capel N. Is the founder of Astrological Socie. McDevitt, Theresa H. McEvoy, Frances C. Phone: Address: Common St. McRae, Chris Phone: Email: cmcrae interbaun. Contain high level astrological articles written by renowned astrologers from all over the World about psychological, predictive, medical, mundane, Hindu astrology, synastry, and much more.

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Melton, J. Merlin Emrys Email: merlin evening-sun. Merlino, Linda L. Specializes in astrological profiles for adults, children and newborns. Websites are divine-reason-and-rhyme. Merrick, Sundae Birth: Phone: Email: aaashakti msn. My specialties are relationships, personal growth, major business and life decisions and health. I give a positive supportive reading, if there are challenges, I identify them and help to develop an action plan to meet them so you can make more inspired choices for your highest and best outcomes.

I care about my clients. Merriman, Raymond A. Worked as professional astrolog since -Opened firsth occult shop in Turkey in -Written 4 books on tarot and astrology between two new books on astrological tarot are about to be printed. Worked with prof. Profession:Pharmacist to the crown in Belgium, Master degree in philosophie, adherent member of Jungian psycho-analyst in Belgium.

Specializes in career, relationship, horary, electional, relocation analysis and rectificarion. Websites: www. Mickler, Donna J. Is the author of "Ray Centered Astrology. Esoteric astrolog. Milar, Kemal Birth: Milkey, Kathryn H. Miller, Charles J. Miller, H. Douglas USA weather predicting; astrological analysis of military engagements. Miller, Rev. Miller, Ruth Phone: Address: P. Milligan, Bob Phone: Address: P.

Mock, Roger F. Molnar, Brenda Birth: 02 Phone: Email: planetsnstars zoominternet. Monroe, H. Moore, Eugene A. Moore, Grant Birth: Dec. In Taiwan, Email: astrologer peoplese. Western astrology horoscopes given in English, Spanish, and Chinese languages. Happy Maxtrix Software customer since mid s. Moore, Natori Phone: Address: N. Church Astrological Studies Program. Writes Astrologue monthly column in acting industry publication in.

Deborah also undertakes ongoing work and conducts consultations in person, by phone and by e-mail, and looks forward to hearing from you. Morgan, Marilyn Birth: Phone: Email: mrgnmar ameritech. Morris, Grace K. Morrison, Al H. Birth: 19??. Morrow, June A. Several newspaper articles. Natal, progression, relationships, relocation. Mosley, Sandra S.

Moss, Karen Email: karen starwatch. Mostofi, Ali Phone: Stock Market Astrologer, providing correlations to aspectarians with stock markets and many other financial and commodity markets. Tutorials given. Her avid interest in reading as a child led her to the study of astrology, and she has been casting horoscopes since the age of sixteen.

Around the same, she discovered she had the ability to read palms, which she later developed into a talent for interpreting the ancient Tarot. Mwezi has been featured on the radio programs, The Uhuru Sounds, aired both on public and commercial stations in Philadelphia. Her 5 minute segments, entitled The Humanistic Astrologer explained such basic questions as "What is a Horoscope? She has also been featured on the television talk show, Profiles, aired on Channel 57 in Philadelphia.

She has written the weekly Horoscope column for the Philadelphia Tribune, as well as theme oriented astrology articles for their monthly magazine. Mwezi is the owner of AstroAnalysis and CompuStar astrology reports. She is currently working on her first book, Sex and the Sun Signs.

Visit her website under construction at www. Muise, Roxana Phone: Address: P. Mull, Carol S. Munkasey, Michael P. Phone: Fax: Address: S. Murphy, Margaret Birth: 7. Myers, Linda Pharr Phone: Email: starfish89 q. Myrray, Rose USA language arts and literature specialist; teacher at the Carrol Righter Foundation: compatibility and advanced astrology. Astrologer, psychic, medical intuitive, angel reader offers guidance and accurate predictions.

NAGI, Dr. Birth: feb. Nagle, Jessie L. USA 20 years in practice; own TV show. Nash, Evelyn S. Box , Cottonwood, AZ Several book and many articles. Relationship reading, natal projections and. Negus, Kenneth G. President of the Astrological Society of Princeton. Astrological poetry, arti. Please visit my web sites at www. Nesmith, G. Neto, Arthur Luiz M. Has written a few articles. Specializes in electional and horary. Weingarten - Director. Niehenke, Peter Phone: Address: Lorettostr. Niemann, Henry P. X Address: P. Box , Wadiassir, , Jordan. Teach classes in uranian astrology. Specializes: prediction, busines.

Noble, Marian L. Norah Nasturas Phone: Email: norahastrology rogers. English, French, and Spanish. Northstar was trained by some of the best local, national, and international teachers in astrology, tarot, and the old ways of the native american shaman. Nowak, Teresa Phone: Fax: Email: thelema poczta. Ntouvlis, Christos Phone: , Email: ntouvlis otenet.

Odierno, Leslie Birth: Phone: Email: lodierno gmail. Oken, Alan Phone: Address: P. Specializes in spiritual and psychological. Olges, Carol A. Taped, written and email and Internet capabilities.. Olsen, Amela M. Oscar Birth: 23march Phone: 83 34 Email: omunozmichel yahoo. C , Mexico this adress its my job adress the phone also my phone office. Oswald, Jeanette K. Has been broadcasting over 10 years. Specializes in health and synastry. Ott, Dagmar USA certified esoteric astrologer, instructor and lecturer; three books; photographer portraiture, wildlife, nature scenes.

Owens, Patrick P. Paalvast, Leo Birth: Phone: Email: info astro-advies. Society; relationships and vocations. Paessler, Dirk Birth: Page, Donna Phone: Email: donna lovinglightastrologer. Painter, William H. Panagiotopoulos, Johannis Address: Dornheimer Str. Pancic, Dalibor Birth: Please contact me if you are interested in what I do. Paral, Paul Phone: Fax: Email: pavel. Parker, Ann E. Phone: Address: N Lamon Ave. Uses traditional and Ebertin cosmobioligical techniques.

Birth charts. Compatibility charts. Parkes, Marice B. Phone: Email: dragon. Ambalal Park, Karelibag, Baroda, , India. Patrick Murphy Phone: Email: patrick. Pavlenko, Dr. V, Birth: none Phone: Email: katorirey" "gmail. Pedigo, Jenifer K. USA astronomy, acupuncture, Kirlian photography, parapsych. Perrin, Michelle Email: michelle astrologydetective.

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Perry, Glenn A. Pessin, Dietrech J. Phone: Address: 31 Cherry St. Natal, relationships and predictive with a strong practical application. Peta Loudar Astrology Email: contact petaloudar. Peterson, Bennet S. Peterson, Bonnie Phone: Email: Bonniedotcom msn.

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