Venus mercury conjunction astrology

Mercury Conjunct Venus Transit

When Mercury, the communicator and messenger and Venus, the beautifier, blend, we get a combination of a very enjoyable speaker. Mercury on the other hand is about communication so that the Mercury Venus connections are found in charts of very good mediators. Unfortunately, they are more interested in 'window dressing', outer appearances and conflict control than in resolving issues to the bottom.

Venus Conjunct Mercury

They have it difficult to look behind the curtain or masks because they fear to encounter the hard reality and the painful truth. Mercury rules mutable signs and is thus quite mobile, loves to wander, loves small trips and 'coming and going.

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This restlessness is reflected by the wandering influences and the fact that Mercury Venus connections are less anchored in the family or don't really enjoy a family life. If other astrological configurations add to it, this connection or analogy marks a lot of changes of the place and different changes of residence.

People with predominant Mercury Venus connections tend to work in the fields of Cosmetics or Tourist Information Centers. Keeping up appearances is important and they will do whatever it takes to show their most beautiful side and cling to it. The Mercury Venus connection may point to a certain inferiority complex or co-dependent behavior. Mercury rules dual Gemini and Venus rules hesitating Libra denoting that the Mercury Venus connection needs a lot of pondering, thinking and cerebral activity. The Mercury Venus connection is less interested in sexual experiences, except when the native knows for sure, there is no emotional bond possible or there remains a distance.

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Print This Page. Recent Articles. Search Our Web Site. Your E-mail. First Name optional. I am at least 16 years of age. Trading and negotiating are favored because of your smooth communication style and eye for a bargain.

Venus and Mercury conjunction by Astro Sharmistha, Mumbai

You can find peaceful settlements to disputes and be confident about signing contracts. Making new friends is possible now because of increased social interaction and your mesmerizing voice. This is a good time to ask for a favor or to ask someone out on a date. Dating itself is also a good idea or you could renew old friendships and improve troubled ones.

He is going through some tough period…. Mars retrograde passes over his Mercury Pluto conjunction. Mundane conjunction of mercury and venus will be in conjunction with my venus.

see What to expect Jamie? If you had to have anything on your IC then Jupiter would be the best. A happy and content base to absorb the cosmic waves and learn and grow!

Venus Mercury conjunction

LOL, I was thinking about getting my haircut on the 29th, to get a bit more attractive, hope that transit helps me out hahaha! You know they say you should always get your hair cut during the waning moon, between a full moon and a new moon. Same idea applies to gardening by the moon. Plant during waxing phase and harvest or weed during waning. A gift to deliver to a venus conjunct mercury Woman today…who I deeply admire Spot on timing. Does this mean that someone who was contemplating breaking up and remains in limbo since November might change their mind?

Chiron really takes this conj to another level.. Osiris is about healing from betrayal, healing and rising above, Alice is about realizing who is writing the story of our lives, and Eris..

Maybe not this time around, with that Venus rx. Menu Skip to content. Search for:. April 28, September 18, Jamie Partridge. Regards Reply. Hope you are spending time with people you love to share the good vibes. The 15 Dec date seems out of place… Reply.

venus mercury conjunction astrology Venus mercury conjunction astrology
venus mercury conjunction astrology Venus mercury conjunction astrology
venus mercury conjunction astrology Venus mercury conjunction astrology
venus mercury conjunction astrology Venus mercury conjunction astrology
venus mercury conjunction astrology Venus mercury conjunction astrology

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